Satin Sealer 200mls

Satin Sealer 200mls

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Artisan Sealer is a super tough non-yellowing water based acrylic sealers for painted and timber surfaces. Used over Artisan Natural Chalk Finish it gives a tough protective coat, ideal for high traffic areas. Also perfect to seal speciality finishes such as faux marble and metallic paint. Suitable for interior and exterior application.

Surface must be clean, dry and free from oil and dust. Mix product by inverting bottle several times. Apply by brush, short nap roller or wipe on for a brush free finish using a damp sponge applicator or lint free cloth, following the grain. Allow to dry and repeat as necessary. For a super smooth finish, sand lightly using 600+ grit sandpaper between coats. For dark colours we recommend 1 coat only and tinting with a small amount of the paint colour.

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