Lavender Field 200 mls

Lavender Field 200 mls

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Lavender Field 

This grey mauve is both feminine and neutral. Equally comfortable in any space, it pairs with silver for opulence and grey for a classical look. A slightly cool neutral, the lilac is balanced with a touch of mid grey. Ideal for a feminine piece, or for smaller wooden items such as shelves and bookends, it works perfectly with metallics or other pastels. Available in our environmentally friendly, natural and high tech chalk paint.

Artisan Paint Natural Chalk Finish is crafted by a boutique Australian paint manufacturer, formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients and natural pigments and using state of the art technology. Artisan Natural Chalk Finish is a delight to use. The velvety pudding-like consistency spreads with ease, leaving few brush marks.  Because we care about quality and results we endeavour to use the best natural pigments available and we make sure that we use oodles of pigment to ensure you get unrivalled coverage! Often only one coat is required! Artisan cares about the environment so we have ensured that our paint is certified best in class environmentally. Very low or zero VOC and eco friendly, Artisan is low in odour and wash up is a breeze in water. From soft Frenchy neutrals to bolder brights, create something beautiful today using the premium quality Artisan Natural Chalk Finish.

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